Is Northwest Registered Agent the ideal business associate?

10/10 for customer service

Excellent customer service is Northwest’s strongest suit. After signing up, a local Corporate Guide will work with you to guide you through the process and address any issues that may arise. The one-on-one help offered by Northwest is a major selling point because it enables you to establish a bond with the business as a reliable partner.

Again, customer testimonials regularly highlight Northwest Registered Agent reviewed, and this is fully due to the company’s usage of dedicated compliance specialists who support clients at every stage of the process. While many rivals in this industry outsource customer service in big quantities and choose to collaborate with unaffiliated contact centres that serve numerous significant clients, Northwest’s sincere dedication to providing the best possibly the best customer service. They have never outsourced their customer service, and they train and maintain it internally.

Their representatives are approachable by phone, web, and email if you ever find yourself interested in their services.

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What are the Benefits of the services?

Cost-effectiveness: 7.0

We really like their excellent base formation bundle, which is everything but simple, but their high pricing is undoubtedly a drawback. Northwest’s full formation pricing of $225 plus state costs is a little bit excessive, despite the fact that the service does not seem to be overstuffed with extra services, as other competitors do. Similar services are offered by other formation companies at a far lower price.

We think that their area of expertise and background enable them to provide a of quality to its customers that is unmatched by the majority of rivals. Their cost, nevertheless, seems to overly reflect this excellence. Everyone wants to get what they paid for, but it’s important to remember that there are other options that could save them $200 or even more while providing the same services.

8/10 for dependability

As was previously mentioned in the review’s earlier sections, Northwest was founded in Spokane, Washington, in 1998. Their main goal is to keep things as simple as possible for their customers while providing registered agent services and business creation.

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