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Bringing a new life into this world is a very tough task which the mothers are destined to perform. During pregnancy, a mother has to visit a doctor multiple times; these visits are sometimes rough, especially on the ultrasound day. Ultrasound visit is a bit painful, yet the most important and precious visit to the doctor. Because in this you get to see your baby.

3d ultrasound tests

Earlier, there were no 3d ultrasounds, and the simple ultrasounds hardly gave a view of the baby; they were so complex and blurry that even if you are looking at your baby, you won’t realize it. A 3d ultrasound studio has taken this to the next level. The process is the same, yet the output is far better and beautiful. With 3d ultrasounds, you can see a proper three-dimensional clear image of the baby inside the mother’s womb. You can see if there are any congenital disabilities then and there only.

How is the test done?

The patient lies down on the bed, and some gel is put over your stomach. Then the medical technician puts a probe on your belly and moves it to get the picture of the baby. You can get photos of your baby. If the doctor notices any problem in the baby, he could tell it to you at that time, and hence the problem can be solved easily. A 3d ultrasound is not mandatory to have during pregnancy, but people get it out of curiousness to see their baby

It is also known as a sonogram. 4d ultrasound is even one step up, and it proved you with videos of the baby inside the womb sleeping or smiling. You can click here to book an appoint on a date with a baby to get a 3d ultrasound for yourself.

A Date With Baby

A Date With Baby

A Date With Baby is a service provider that offers high-definition 3D ultrasound and 4D baby scan services.


This service will bring the family together. The goal is to offer maximum comfort and luxury within the studio where parents can enjoy their baby’s view on a high-resolution screen in high-definition through the latest and advanced ultrasound system.


The company aims to provide the best healthcare professionals with standardized clinics for little stress.  They want to offer a unique experience as they understand that every moment with the child is special, even when the baby is still unborn.


The studio has been designed, especially keeping in mind the environment where everyone could feel comfortable and at home. The furniture and décor are relaxing and soothing. The purpose of this service is to provide maximum warmth to the customers.