Pets- Our Companion

“Animal” has been derived from the word “Animalis” which means having life. Just like humans Animals too have life. They can think, eat, and reproduce just how a human does.

Scientifically Humans are also considered Animals. Humans too belong to the Animilias family of living organisms. There are more than 7 billion animals found on Earth.

Structure of animals

Animals are composed of cells. Cells are called the building blocks of organisms. Just while constructing a house, the basic building blocks are bricks. Similarly, cells are the basic building blocks of an organism.

Some animals are composed of a single cell. Such animals are called unicellular.

On the contrary, some are composed of millions of cells.

Pets- Our Companion

These cells together perform a task. Cells form tissues. These tissues form muscles. Such muscles together form Organs. Each organ is supposed to perform a specific function. In unicellular organisms a single cell does all the tasks.

 Importance of animals in human lives:

Animals are our companions on this planet. We mutually share Earth with them. They are as responsible beings here as we are.

Besides all this, animals have always been of great significance to humans. Some of those points are listed below.

  • Resources: – There are a number of things to be mentioned that are part of your daily lives owing to animals. Milk, which is considered to be mandatory in our diet, is given by animals. Things like eggs and poultry are all found owing to animals. All this also comprises a source of income for a lot of people.
  • Companions: – Animals are also like a companion to us. According to recent research most psychiatrists use animals to treat people suffering from mental trauma. People often tend to find their companion in animals as it’s easy to pour out one’s feelings in front of animals rather than a fellow human. This is a well-proven and researched fact.
  • Workers: – Animals are also used to do work ranging from transportation to heavy lifting. At times, it is not possible for a human to physically be present and perform every single task. So animals are being widely used for such tasks. Their structure is structured in a way that they can manage more load than humans. Hence they are widely being used for many such tasks.

To conclude everything that has been stated so far, animals are all fellow beings. We should be a bit more caring and loving towards them. They are more of our necessity than importance.